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As a former firefighter and paramedic, Michella Flores has seen her fair share of emergency situations. But over the past couple of weeks she became a victim herself, and began to see things from a different perspective. She hasn't really slept in days.

A Mississippi man who was killed by police in an apparent address mix-up was shot in the back of the head, a family attorney said.

Florida executed an inmate for the first time in more than 18 months, administering a lethal injection drug that had not previously been used in the United States.

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The 11,000 firefighters battling "one of the greatest tragedies" to ever strike California are starting to gain the upper hand.

An Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Canada on Saturday after one of its engines failed during an Atlantic crossing.

Our live coverage has ended. You can see how the past few days unfolded below. Go here for the latest news on the storm.

Major cities across the country are bracing for an unusual wave of far-right rallies in the coming days.

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